Squirrel Class Home Learning

Dr Ranj explains Coronavirus to Jobi.
Our latest Pictures - Come and take a peep!
Weekly Overview w/c 13.7.20
Phonic Resources
Maths Resources
Making a Splash on Outdoor Learning Day! 
Home Learning Pictures for Week 5, 6 & 7 
Look what your friends have been up to!
Mr and Mrs Goodeve look under the bonnet of a car! 
Special thanks to Mr Goodeve who is a real mechanic!
The Cucumber Song - created by Lily! 
This will make you smile! Has anyone else got a song for us?
Mr G. is threatening to sing one about sprouts! 
'Looking over the Fence' with Mrs Goodeve continued! 
Come and look at the courgettes growing.
Home Learning Pictures for Week 3 and 4 
Look what your friends have been up to!
Mousie plays Egg Bash!
A maths game for number recognition, one more, one less, counting in 2's etc..
Science experiments from Ms Armour
It's Earth Day- find out what you can do to help our planet.
Mrs Goodeve makes a wish..
 Newts from our School Pond 
Daisy went pond dipping and found loads of newts! 
Good News!
Congratulations to Kristie, Aaron, Elsie and Teddy on the arrival of their new baby!
On Monday 13th at 14:44 Elsie became a big sister again to Maggie Joan Inglethorpe, she is besotted with her little sister and has been such a superstar so far! 
Easter Holiday Activities
Look what your friends have been up to!
Easter Crime Scene!
Please read this together
Happy Easter Squirrel Class! 
We think you are all amazing and hope you have a Happy Easter and stay safe with your family.
 We've been busy making this video for you - we hope it makes you smile!
Missing you all, love from Mrs Goodeve and Ms Lazell xx
*Please note we were never less than than two metres apart for the making of this video. 
The Butterflies Go Free!
Home Learning Pictures - Week 1/2
Look what your friends have been up to!
Shape Shop Game with Sheryl and Ms Lazell
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Quick Maths Challenge
You can always use your numberline to help you!
Caterpillar News
Disclaimer - No birds were hurt in the making of this video!
Looking over the fence with Mrs Goodeve
Day 2 ploughing the field
Shoots in the field!
Our Apple Tree is planted!
A big thank you to Mr Gordon, Mrs Gordon and Adam for planting our tree today. We've been talking about why how amazing trees are: giving us oxygen, cleaning the air, providing shelter to animals,giving shade and preventing floods by drinking up water.
We can't wait to get back to school and start to take care of it.
A big thank you to Runcton Cleaning Services who kindly donated this beautiful tree to Squirrel Class.