School Day

Children may enter the school from 8.40 through the 3 external doors leading to the playground. Parents are welcome to settle their children but are encouraged to leave them quickly and support us in developing their independence. When your child is ready we would like you to leave them at the door. Unfortunately, we do not have enough room for buggies to be brought into school so we ask you to leave them outside or in the school entrance.
The 'normal' school day follows this routine: (for KS1)
8.40-9.00- Early Morning activities and interventions
9.05-9.20- Assembly
9.20-9.45- Phonics
9.45- 10.10- Guided Reading
10.10-10.30- Break Time
10.30-11.10- English
11.10-11.20- Brain Break
11.20-12.00- Maths
12.00-1.00- Lunch
1.00-1.25- Maths Reflection Time
1.25- 2.50 - Foundation Subjects
2.50-3.10- Story Time
3.15 - End of school day
Squirrel Class:
Children in Squirrel Class will follow a similar routine but will have more time for self-initiated learning.