Owl Class Home Learning

Hi everyone. Please see weekly emails for details of activities to do with your children. Phonics and maths will be posted here daily.
Stay safe and know you are in our thoughts. We are missing you!
Mrs Turner, Miss Fenwick, Mrs Savage and Mrs Sheppard. xx
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Home learning 
Week beginning 13.07.20
Home learning 
w/b 06.07.20
Weekly topic/activity grid
Maths Monday-lesson on seasons-please link with learning about months of the year on Friday.
Maths lessons on measuring in litres today-if your child was secure with this, alternative below on adding and subtracting as inverse operations. Please also see maths manipulative PPT at the top of right column.
Maths lessons on telling the time (O'clock and half past). If your child is secure with this, alternative below-100 square puzzle. Please get your child to talk about the pattern in the numbers either across the rows/down the columns, using place value (10s and 1s or units back in the day!) to explain why.
Either lesson on time above (telling quarter past/to) or problem solving link below if your child was secure with this.
Home learning 
Weekly topic/activity grid
For Whiterose maths today, the link will take you to the home learning page-you will need to go back to last week and todays lesson needs to be lesson 4 from that week.
Maths Thursday-directions recap as know this was tricky! In school, we will be doing the ChaCha slide, then watching this video, before giving each other directions to put the language into context. Your child could also make a treasure map or map of the house and write directions for another member of the house to follow.
Maths Friday-Days of the week and months of the year
Please practice the days of the week/months of the year with these songs. Then please help your child create their own paper plate months of the year 'calendar' (using circle of paper/card if no paper plates). Feel free to add the arrow with a split pin if you have one! (But don't worry if not!)
Ask questions such as 'Which month comes after...?' or 'Which month is 2 months before...?'
 Owl Class Home Learning - W/C 4th May 2020
Owl class home learning 
See email sent 11.07.20 for details of transition days within school this week.
Extra maths support here!
Story time!
Olenna's presentation for Lexi!
Adam's presentation for Lexi!
Learning about VE day
Home learning
Summer term weeks 3-5
George answers Lexi's questions!
George and Ollie's puppet show!
Lily's dinosaur poem!
Home learning 
Summer term week 1 and week 2
John's dinosaur poem!
Easter holidays fun!
India's friendship story
The birds in Mrs Savage's garden
Mrs Savage's dog training video
Hi Owl class! I hope you enjoy this story. Miss you all! 
Mrs Turner xx
Our vehicles work...
Learning about fractions...
Lots of other learning!