Maths at Lancastrian

At Lancastrian we teach Maths using a mastery approach.
Mastery- connecting the basics of Maths and being able to apply it to multiple concepts and solve problems. Children are taught initially using concrete materials until they are secure with a concept and then they use pictorial representations to demonstrate their understanding, finally they apply their knowledge in more abstract situations. This is known as the CPA approach.
Pupils are taught to become fluent in essential skills and  the whole class has a deep understanding of a concept before moving on to the next small step, fits in to this nicely.
large 'five big ideas diagram'
In Mastery:
We believe that everyone can do Maths
You need to have a Growth mindset- I can do it! or I can't do it...yet
Everyone accesses all of the maths- all pupils work together rather than in ability groups