Regular attendance and punctuality are important whatever the age of your child. We are required to keep accurate records and cases of irregular attendance and late arrivals will be investigated. 
The school gates and doors are open from 8.40am for pupils to start arriving. Class teachers are there at this time to welcome the children into class. This enables the children to say goodbye to parents and carers more easily. The school doors and gates are locked at 9am. After then, all late arrivals must sign in via the school office. Regularly being late for school is disruptive to learning and can unsettle children's confidence and so is strongly discouraged.
If parents need to drop children off earlier then we do have our Sunrise Club, which starts at 7.30am for the cost of £6 a session.

You must inform us if your child is absent from school for any reason. If we do not receive a message from you we will ring or text you to find out why your child is absent from school. For convenience, parents and carers can leave messages on the school answer phone. 
School finishes at 3.15pm and parent and carers are asked to promptly arrive at school to pick their child/ren up at the end of the school day. 

Government regulations require Headteachers to inform parents that they should make every effort not to take their child on holidays or have occasional days of absence during term time. Days off for birthday treats are not permitted. The school has an absence request form for all forms of absence. This should be submitted to the school office 5 days before the requested absence. Routine medical and dental appointments should be arranged outside of the school day. Parents should be aware that 10 school sessions (5 days) or more of unauthorised absence from school in a 10 week period may result in a referral being made to the Local Authority for a Fixed Penalty Notice. 

Children miss many vital learning opportunities when they are out of school and their learning is significantly disrupted. Good attendance is strongly encouraged so that children maximise their learning opportunities and reach their potential.